Business Electronic Banking

Free Online Banking

We offer FREE online banking to conveniently manage your personal and/or business accounts online 24/7. You can transfer funds between accounts, check out account balances or check your account history. The same everyday banking functions are always at your fingertips, within minutes when you bank with us.

  • Convenient, web-based service customized to your needs
  • Maintain control of your cash flow
  • 24/7 online access to accounts
  • Mobile banking
  • Real-time account information
  • Detailed transaction histories
  • Process Employee Payroll via Direct Deposit

  • Online statements
  • Easy to use interface
  • View past transactions
  • View check images
  • Transfer funds between accounts
  • Initiate ACH Batch

  • Pay bills
  • Schedule loan payments
  • Accessible to multiple authorized users
  • Customer to customer transfers
  • Picture Pay
  • Initiate a Wire Transfer

Online Banking and Mobile Banking save you time by eliminating unnecessary trips to the bank and just makes your life easier.

Merchant Services

Does your business accept checks and are you looking for a convenient way to deposit those checks? Remote deposit is accomplished by scanning a digital image of a check into a computer, then transmitting that image to us.

Because the digital image of a check is now considered a legal document, WinFirst Bank customers who are paid with a check can easily scan an image of the check and deposit it into their WFB account from their home or office. Remote deposit saves time and money because businesses no longer have to send an employee to take their checks to the bank. Remote deposit also cuts down on paperwork, reducing the chances of making mistakes or losing checks in the process of depositing them. Another great feature of remote deposit is that bounced checks show up much faster.

Add up all the advantages of remote deposit at WinFirst Bank:

  • Eliminate the need for delivery of checks

  • Make fewer trips to the bank

  • Improve service to your customers

  • Gain more control over your returns

  • Receive next-day availability

Come in and talk with us at WinFirst Bank about remote deposit for your business or personal needs. Certain conditions apply.


Once you are enrolled for online banking, you can opt-in to receive e-statements. E-statements are a convenient way to access all of your checking account statements, and are available online for up to 7 years. Click here to either sign in or enroll for online banking.

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    To protect your privacy, you should not send confidential information by email. This includes your account number, social security number, user ID, password, and other sensitive information. If you have a question about your account and are registered to use Online Banking, you can send us a Secure Message after you login.